People suffering from diabetes should follow certain rules during eating:

They should not crave for sweet foods but instead follow a suitable well planned diet in order to maintain normal blood sugar. Level.

Diabetic person should never eat and drink together. As we see normally people are in habit of drinking water after having meal. But this is not the right choice. For diabetics, water or any other liquid is recommended only after half an hour after a meal. But if a person wishes, he can drink water or any liquid half an hour before eating but not during eating. However, there are certain liquids like milk, Buttermilk, Vegetables soups, which can be taken with meals.

Food should not be eaten hurriedly by diabetic person. Food should be eaten very slowly and chewed properly. Proper mastication process should be followed. Due to proper masticatory and grinding of food, it is properly digested and thus normal good health of patient is maintained.

Diabetic patient should not keep fast as missing of meal is not favourable for them. Missing meals can lead to various problems which may be highly dangerous.

Diabetics should never eat to a full stomach. They should always leave the table, with a feeling that they could have eaten more. Otherwise eating in them would easily serves as a contributory factor in raising blood sugar level.

Patient should keep quite at the time of eating. Talking should be strictly avoided while eating.

Patient should not eat forcefully, in case the appetite is lacking.

Person with diabetes should start eating with a relaxed state of mind. When he/she sits for a meal, there should not be any worriedness, tiredness, anxiety, apprehension, or he should not be in a bad mood. It is because these type of feelings temporarily paralysis the synthesis of digestive juices particularly hydrochloric acid, thereby hindering the proper digestion of foods.

Diabetic patient should not smoke or drink alcohol while eating.

In a people with diabetes, the raw vegetables and raw fruits should not be taken together.

After a principal meal, they should not do any heavy work.

Diabetics should take 5-6 small, frequent meals rather than 3 big meals.

They should take 15-20 glasses of water daily to avoid constipation.

They should compensate for less salt in food by including spices like dalchinie, zeera, pudina, dhania, garlic, vinegar, ginger etc.

Diabetic persons should discard the topmost layer of chicken pieces as it contain fat.

If a diabetic feel giddy, it indicates that the blood glucose level has fallen, a condition known as hypoglycemia. So, in this condition they must immediately eat energy giving food like apple or drunk fruit juices.

They should have normal eating at correct times and at regular time intervals.

During eating, if sodium is to be restricted then they should avoid spinach, peas, carrot.

Eating should be according to well balanced diet, it should not be more than 15 gm/day and Proteins should not be more than 64 gm/day.