For most of us, eating a sensible diet means five basic changes-

  • We should eat less fat.
  • We should eat less sugar.
  • We should eat more fibre.
  • We should eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • We should avoid hunger by filling up with good food.

(1) Eat less Fat

Fat is not our friend, so we must except it in small quantities. Fat contains more than twice the calories of other nutrients. Person should switch the low fat diary products. He should eat less red meat like beef, lamb and pork. Twice a week is enough. Person should also switch to fish, turkey, chicken, pork steak, etc.

Foods to be avoided should a like high fat foods such as Fried breakfasts, pastries, cream, butter, mayonnaise, fries, chocolate, Candy, biscuits, cookies etc.

(2) Eat Less Sugar

Sugar is also not human being friend. Processed sugar is relatively high in calories. In addition, it’s almost valueless as a food. It provides us mainly with no nutrients, so if we stopped eating it tomorrow we would not be any less nourished. Person should reduce the amount of sugar in tea or coffee. There should be no addition of sugar in cereal. Person should avoid non-diet soft drinks. Instead enjoy diet drinks or fruit juice. He should start reading food labels and choose brands with less sugar.

(3) Eat More Fibre

Fibres contains fewer calories than fat or sugar, so it is an ideal slimming food. It also fills us up, so we feel nice and satisfied. It also helps to protect against a number of digestive complaints like constipation as well as diabetes and gall stones. High fibre diet includes whole meal bread potatoes, pasta, brown rice, beans, peas, leafy green vegetables, sweet corn, oat bran.

(4) Eat more fruits and vegetables

They are best friend of diabetic people. Ideally, patient should eat 4-5 helpings of fruit everyday. Whatever you do, Don’t just park your fruit in a fruit bowl and expect to eat it. Be more creative. You will eat a lot more fruit if you are.

Ideally, person should eat 3-4 helpings of vegetables every day. They should make homemade soup because it is quick, easy and even green vegetables taste delicious. Person’s should eat more salads. They should remember, salad is not just a lettuce-leaf. It includes onions, tomatoes, cucumber, sweet-corn, radishes, chopped carrot and chopped cabbage.

Patients should move away from meat. They should stop making meat the centerpiece of their main meals. They should eat small quantities of it and eat more vegetables, instead.

(5) Avoid Hunger

Hunger is definitely the Enemy No. 1 of human beings. Hunger is easily the biggest Diet-Killer. It is because hunger makes us miserable. We give up dieting and go back to the biscuits/cookies.

Unfortunately, most slimness still think that dieting means eating small portions-that’s why most of them give up dieting and stays fat.