From last few years, a new dietary trend has come into existence and that is the use of Raw Foods. Raw foods diet basically means uncooked food. It is believed that cooking, kills the enzymes present in raw food which are essential for digestion and metabolization of food. There by, cooking destroys the nutritional value of food and thus making them unhealthy. Some people believe that the disease, like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, all results due to the consumption of cooked foods. Which are know to be carcinogenic are seen in high levels in many baked and fried foods. But raw foods does not show trace of any chemical.

However, some scientists say, Raw foods are dangerous may lead to animal-borne diseases, such as e-coli and salmonella. Mainly vegetarian foods such as unpasteurized milk and juice can harbour harmful bacteria.

Few studies have shown that even green salads such as lettuce and spinach can harbour harmful bacteria due to irrigation and fertilization. Therefore, we can say, processes such as cooking will normally kill such harmful bacteria.

But then also it is seen that the body metabolizes raw foods faster and they even cure many diseases and ailments. It creates a major improvements in health.