If is person is diabetic, he/she should eat healthy foods like fibre rich foods. Fibres have been shown to produce beneficial effects on human body. They have been also helpful in preventing certain cancers. Diabetic person should be aware of the types of fibres that are of benefit to him. There are two types of fibres in general. There are soluble fibres and insoluble fibres. The soluble fibres are found in legumes, oat bran and in certain fruits and vegetable. These fibres helps in lowering cholesterol levels. They also decreases the rate of absorption of sugar from blood and therefore maintains the blood sugar level normal.

The insoluble fibres are those which are found in many fruit, vegetables, whole wheat cereals and they act like brooms in the colon. The diabetic patient should incorporate soluble fibres into their diet. There are very good effects seen of high fibres diet. It has decreased the need for administration of insulin and also prevents various complications arising in diabetics.

The American Diabetic Association strongly recommends a high fibre diet for diabetics. It has been that diabetes decreases and may even disappear in people who eat a traditional whole good diet. High fibre diet provides a physical barrier and thus saves carbohydrates from the digestive effect of enzymes. Hence, lesser calories are ingested. Dietary fibres also absorbs harmful fatty acids. Fat are easily swept away due to locomotive effect of fibre. Dietary fibres improves the peripheral insulin action by increasing insulin receptor binding. Due to this oral insulin providing drug is reduced.