Diabetic people have a greater tendency to develop hyper acidity. It is because there is slowing down of protein and fat metabolism in them. Generally, the diet for a normal person should include only 20% acidic content while 80% of the food. Citrus fruits alone if taken are highly alkalinizing. But it is quite surprising to know that if the citrus fruits are taken in combination with starches, then they become acid producing. Acid producing foods are chiefly, soft drinks, black tea, tobacco, coffee, etc. Meats should not be combined with starches such as rice, breads, grains. But it can be used with potatoes, carrots, beats etc. The regular ingestion of lettuce, carrots, etc helps a lot in maintaining an alkaline environment.

Numerous other factors can also increase the acidity of food like negative emotional states, improper mastication of food an poor eliminations. Alkalinity can be increased by consuming less meat sweets. But person should eat more vegetables.

It has been noted that inflectious agents like bacteria and viruses do not survive in alkaline environment. So cold can exist in alkalines. Hence, alkaline producing foods such as orange juice and lemon juice are recommended to prevent colds. Acid base balance is extremely important to maintain the normal physiological actions of the body. Because any sort of imbalances are not well tolerated by the body. Hence, diet plays a major role in restoring the health. It has been observed that the food, which has not been cooked on fire, is alkaline in nature. Therefore, it reduces acidity and other digestive problems. Hence, person with diabetes should lay stress on fruits and vegetables that are alkaline in nature like oranges, maltas, grapes, that are citric acid but, their end products is alkaline ash after assimilation. It has been observed that about 80% of the food displayed in grocery stores in Acid forming in the stomach and about 20% displayed in alkaline. So, people must be completely aware of the importance or ill effects of acidity in food. Moreover, calcium is the most important/vital mineral of human body. It is present in abundant and helps in normal body functions only when there is normal acid-base balance in the body. Hence, foods ingested must be considered on the bases of their acidifying or alkalizing effect on the body, rather than by their chemical composition.